Iva Mikulec

I'm graphic & web designer, working in web development with extensive experience in multimedia and print design. From brand strategy and user interface design to front-end development, my work exemplifies an appreciation for complete brand experiences.


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“ A mind that my dear student Iva has, which functions in modest silence, provides for a rich understanding reaching beyond the point of expectations. ”
Predrag Šuka
Head of multimedia computing department,
Autodesk ATC/AAP manager, ACI
“ Working with Iva is so simple and rewarding. She exactly knows what she is doing and is patiently climbing the stairs to be an expert in the field. Take a look at her work and bring your projects spark that Iva can bring. ”
Marko Matijašević
Entrepreneur / Lazarus Coffee
“ Iva is a team worker, responsible, self-initiative person, eager for new knowledge and experiences. She is also quick learner and masters the tasks entrusted to her. ”
Ivan Smiljan
Former Head of Addiko Bank Contact Centre
About me

Web & Graphic Designer
CMS Developer, Video Editor

Besides desinging and developing I'm relentless seeker of knowledge. I'm sure you can't beat me in multitasking nor in Pictionary.

"If you're having fonts problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 fonts but Comic Sans ain't one." - almost every designer.

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